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We made it

School is back on and it's full steam ahead to the end of the year. Kauai County Fair was this weekend and our family had another successful Fair outing. Lots of unsafe rides and unsafe food. Ha! It was a blast



Almost half way done with the first month of 2016 and Kauai is still waiting for you. The whales are here and the sandy beaches are calling you to visit. Get those rentals booked and get to paradise! 




Holiday orders!!!

Get those holiday orders in before it's too late. Out here in the Pacific our holiday inventory is going fast. Call Ready Rentals and make that vacation relaxing as possible.  Let Ready Rentals take care of the details. 800-599-8008 


Spreading Aloha

Reflecting on lots of things today after the Paris attacks yesterday.  Trying not to take anything for granted, so hug your family and friends and anybody else who needs it. Sending our prayers and thoughts to all of Europe.   As we come to the end of 2015 I hope this will help us focus on our loved ones and the people around us.  Let's spread some Aloha!!!!


September is upon us

Well with summer winding down we are looking forward to whale season and all things winter. We have had a very warm summer with El Nino bringing our water temps up. Get those items rented for your fall/winter vacation.  Kauai is a great place to get away from the real world!