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Summer is on its way

As we barrel our way through the spring we are quickly approaching the summer months. Lots of great events and activities here on Kauai so get your calendar out and plan ahead! This is a great site to keep up with coming events here on the Garden Isle.

Kauai Festivals


Kaua'i Orchid and Art Festival

It is Friday so that means it's Hanapepe Art Walk night. In addition to the usual Friday Art Walk this weekend is the annual Orchid and Art Festival in Hanapepe.  Lots of booths, art, and plenty of Orchids to make your spring come into bloom!!  

Kaua'i Orchid and Art Festival



We did have a Tsunami warning here and some had to evacuate the beach areas, but all is safe and we had very minor damage on Kauai.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people and their families and friends around the globe.  

Every little bit helps so please donate if you are able.  

Red Cross Site

Here is a story of an incredible rescue of a 4 month old in Japan

Hug your family and thanks for your time


Joey Wray




Seals, Whales, Turtles

Everyday on the Garden Island I'm amazed at things I see! Today was a great example, on the way back from westside I saw four whales hanging out near Hanapepe. Later a seal on southside and a couple of turtles to top off the afternoon. I took this pic in Kekaha with Niihau in the background! Come visit and you will definitely see some amazing things.

Kauai Ziplineorama

There are plenty of amazing activities on Kauai but I want to focus on a real adventure.  I had a friend visit last year and we went on a zipline adventure that was awesome.  There are a few of companies that are great and have ziplines that are fun and have amazing views.  We had a great time and also got to go swimming by a waterfall.

Sounds much better than shoveling snow!!!