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Spreading Aloha

Reflecting on lots of things today after the Paris attacks yesterday.  Trying not to take anything for granted, so hug your family and friends and anybody else who needs it. Sending our prayers and thoughts to all of Europe.   As we come to the end of 2015 I hope this will help us focus on our loved ones and the people around us.  Let's spread some Aloha!!!!


September is upon us

Well with summer winding down we are looking forward to whale season and all things winter. We have had a very warm summer with El Nino bringing our water temps up. Get those items rented for your fall/winter vacation.  Kauai is a great place to get away from the real world!



Summer Summer Summer

As summer approaches Ready Rentals will be giving half off delivery charge if you mention this post when you book your rentals until Thursday May 21.   Call us now to setup your summer rentals 800-599-8008!!!!!!


Joey Wray


Welcome to 2015! Wrapped up another great year on the Garden Isle and looking forward to helping all of our guest in 2015.  Thanks again for a great year and here we go

Bring Sunscreen!

Most of the mainland is cold but our temperature here in the Hawaiian islands only fluctuates about 5 degrees all year. So put that sunscreen on cause you'll get a sunburn even in December if your not careful. 

Aloha Black Friday Free Delivery Sale

Place your order this weekend and mention this blog post and get free delivery with any order over $100. Call us and get those items for your trip and save some money!!  Call us at 800-599-8008. Order Friday, Saturday, or Sunday 8am-5pm HST 11/28-11/30 and get free delivery

Happy Aloha Friday


Sand Everywhere

Kauai has 111 miles of coastline and over 50% of that coast is beach.  With more sandy beaches than any other Hawaiian island, it won't be hard to find that perfect spot.   Kauai beaches are waiting for your next visit.



Veterans Day 2014

It was the late 60's and a young man was drafted to serve in the Vietnam War to fight for his country. He left his wife and family and joined his peers in a foreign land.   After a year or so fighting the military gave him a week off and the choice of going to Tokyo or Honolulu.  He contacted his young wife and met her in Hawaii for some well deserved R&R.  This would start a life long relationship with this remote island chain. This young man was my father and from that first trip he fell in love with the beauty and culture of Hawaii.  My mother would use Hawaii to coerce my dad into those rare vacations.  The place they could go to really relax.  So nineteen years ago when he told us that they'd decided to move to Kauai it was really no surprise.  Within several years I too had relocated to Kauai.  My wife Amie and I discuss daily with our children how fortunate we are to live in this paradise. You never know where life will lead you.  So on this special day we celebrate our Veterans service and are thankful for their sacrifices and especially my Dad who has always shown with his actions what is important. Thanks for your service to our country and our family.


Whale O Rama!

The first Humpback Whale's have started arriving in our tropical waters off Kauai.  These whales travel from Alaskan waters every winter to enjoy our warmer waters.  What a treat to see these majestic animals off our coast.  Come visit Kauai and enjoy the show.    

With the holiday season fastly approaching be sure to get your rental orders reserved so we can take care of your vacation needs.  Ready Rentals is proud to be celebrating our 20th year serving Kauai.  Mahalo for your support!!!!!


Joey Wray 

Summer Winds Down

Surf is up on the Southside during summer and the North Shore has great hiking and beautiful views. What a great time to visit the Garden Isle. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer and plan that trip to get away to the Pacific and come see us!!

Summer 2011


As we roll into summer and all the kids are out of school make your plans to visit Kauai. Lots of great airfares and great rates from the resorts.

Hope everyone has a great summer and get to paradise!!

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